Thursday, 31 July 2014

20 Days of Gold Making - Day 12 - Biggest OOPS!!

I've finally gotten around to getting my 20 Days of Gold Making on the go! Thanks to @NevAHAddict for providing the idea to us all :)

Biggest OOPS!!

My biggest OOPS? Honestly in relation to gold making I can't say I have one. See for me I'm a very reserved player of the AH. I don't really make mistakes on it, I'm patient and just slowly build in the guild via the AH, other than that, most of my gold comes from farming, boosting or using peoples brains against them. Does that mean I'm perfect? Far Far Far from it.

Lets take a simple mistake I've made in the past, which I think we've all done at some point. Pricing things wrong - one of my biggest issues when I started was pricing things by stack price, not individual item price. So as much as I thought I was making "profit" I could of been making a hell of a lot more. Personally I see that as a small thing, however you can learn a lot for these smaller mistakes - so instead of looking for the one big mistake - take a look at all the little ones, since sooner or later they'll all add up to one huge OOPS!

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Farming Mounts with a Profit - Tempest Keep Part 1 & 2

Farming Mounts with a Profit - Tempest Keep Part 1 & 2

Aloha! Welcome to the first part on my farming Tempest Keep Video - the other parts will be released daily! Hope that you enjoy them all! Check out the list below to see the items you should look out for!

What's Worth Money In Tempest Keep?

So hope you enjoy Part 1 - 2 and 3 will be over the next 2 days :)

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Guild Wars 2 - Screenshots & Fun!!!

Norn Spirit's
Not a Very Nice Guy
Is All Black
Jumping Puzzle From Hell

Farming Mounts With a Profit! Video Series

Farming Mounts with a Profit!!

Hello! How we all doing, so some of you might know I've been working on a Youtube Video series about whats worth gold and whats not in relation to Mount Farming! Check out the intro here :) Now I'm not a video maker, so I'm learning as I go along! Will try to make better content as I progress!

I'll post up the new link via Twitter and also post the video on here for all to see :)

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20 Days Of Gold Making - Day 11 - Lesser Known Gold Making Addons

I've finally gotten around to getting my 20 Days of Gold Making on the go! Thanks to @NevAHAddict for providing the idea to us all :)

Lesser Known Gold Making Addons

Ok so lets cover off one of the least utilized gold making addons. Your Brain. Oh yes! You see everything addons do, so can your brain, except they do it a little faster (most of the time). However! There is one issue with an addon that your brain doesn't have. Limitations.

Now! One or two points to be made before I continue, addons are a great addition to Warcraft, and anyone who says different, is missing the point of them, pretty much the same as missing the point of using a Plane or swimming across the ocean. You get the point. Addons make my gold making a boat load easier, even the people who hate them and think there total crap blah blah, have requested information on them in the past since they couldn't get the job done themselves quick enough. You know who you are :)

How to utalize your brain more? Learn basic math, learn the math behind profit margins, and volume sales vs individual sales. Heck @PhatLewts even wrote a post recently explaining his math, check it out here >>> Know Your Math <<< Now if you learn to use your brain and learn math, THEN look at addons like TSM for instance, you'll be able to create custom prices, operations which are going to be of a larger benefit to you, etc etc. The list goes on.

Learn to use your Brain, the best Lesser Known Gold Making Addon :)

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

20 Days Of Gold Making - Day 10 - Do You Farm Materials?

I've finally gotten around to getting my 20 Days of Gold Making on the go! Thanks to @NevAHAddict for providing the idea to us all :)

Do You Farm Materials?

I do, I don't mind it, and I don't really care about people's opinions against farming. Why? Since if people didn't farm they would be nothing on the AH. As shown in my previous days - Rugged Leather I have been farming for almost 10 years. 

Farming I think in Warcraft is one of those necessary things, however only if it's still profitable - if you consider the cost of things vs farming time it might actually be better to buy them up from the AH instead. This from my experience generally is not the case with TBC & Cata materials currently, with a few exceptions of course. For me however farming Dungeons and Raids for certain materials is the most fun. 

There are so many fun things to farm in dungeons and raids - mounts, achievements and all the rest of it! That's why I started my Youtube play list which you can view here - Farming Mounts With A Profit. This evening I'll be putting out a simple guide on Sartharion 25man farming - I'll run it on three characters and see what I end up with materials wise, Abyss Crystals, Cloth, Leather etc etc. Lets see how it turns out. 

This was a short one, but farming is a needed thing in Warcraft regardless of how much you love or hate it. It's a little needs must, or at least that's what I think :)

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

20 Days Of Gold Making - Day 9 - Favorite Niche Market

I've finally gotten around to getting my 20 Days of Gold Making on the go! Thanks to @NevAHAddict for providing the idea to us all :)

Favorite Niche Market

My Favorite Niche Market, is helping Twinks...a run through SM back in the day, was easy gold, heck even Deadmines. I really enjoy it still to this day. 

So do I make much gold out of it? Not alot really, but I enjoy it. Say a group of 70 twinks want running through Sunwell, that's 250-500g each please...do that for a month until there all geared, and boom 10k gold without even trying :) An given that all my alts can clear Sunwell in less that 20 minutes it's a win win for all.

Thanks to Google/WoW Insider for the Image

So take a look at Brackets for PvP, Expansion Caps and Herald of The Titans. People want these achievements, and they want to play a character that's not capped out. I do, my Paladin - Goldshiré is a twink. He's not finished yet but it's just nice going in and having fun doing stuff without pressure. People even have Level 1 Twinks :)

It's a Niche Market, it's supposed to be strange and weird, who cares! It's fun :) So take a look at your server, and check for those Twink Guilds, and see if you can lend a hand with a little bit of coin in return, hopefully you'll be surprised :)

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